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2017 Fall Tackle Football


Our first mandatory date is upon us, JULY 29th, 2017. Please find your child’s appropriate division or divisions and bring the required documentation.


1.) Completed Physical Form. ***If your child does not have they physical completed, you can bring $20.00 dollars and your physical will be completed at the field by licensed clinical staff.

2.) Mandatory Baseline Concussion Testing ***Bring $20.00 for the Mandatory Concussion Testing.

3.) Photo’s will be taken of your child to apply to their Certification Card. 

***Remember to bring $20.00 for your child's Mandatory Concussion Testing and an additional $20.00 if your child’s physical has not been completed.


1.) RRYFC Tiger Football and Cheer Apparel will be available for Purchase

2.) After you have completed the required documents; Please join us at DICKS Sporting Goods!!!

RRYFC DAY at Dick's Sporting Goods on JULY 29th